3 Decades of Shared Happiness

I could have chosen to write a list of the things I failed to achieve or regretted in my first 30 years of life, or plan to achieve in the next 30; but I chose to write down the things I am grateful for.

I am blessed, privileged and lucky to:

..have loving parents in Fidelis Priyo Djatmiko and Zita Pancawesti. I love you Pa, Ma, and I dedicate all that I have achieved to you for your enduring love and support.

..be the big brother of Eduardus Galih Asadhanu. I am beyond grateful to have a supporting brother who always offers me a helping hand and puts me first in so many occasions. This stubborn Yoga has been cocky and ambitious but you stood still.

..be the husband of Adolfina Paulin Moningka and father of Basilius Nata Satyawirya. You two have been the moon and stars and rainbows in my life. You are the home I come to and feel warm in. I love you everyday.

..have a loving family from my father’s, mother’s and wife’s sides. Despite all my weird ideas and absence, you all have always been the loudest supporters. I am also thankful for all the teachings and wisdom of my late grandparents which I still cherish and live in every second of my life.

..have enjoyed beautiful years of education in schools, from Klaten to Jogja, then to Manchester. Each one of them equipped me with the tools I need to live my life to the fullest and be a lifelong learner. Thank you to all my beloved teachers and professors who taught me how to read and write letters, words, sentences and codes.

..be surrounded with good friends, mentors and colleagues in school and at work. You all are the reasons why I am always looking forward to the next Monday. You are also the reasons why I belive I have to keep on sharing what I have to the younger generation.

..be in good physical and mental health. The Great Doctor has allowed me to breathe and my heart to beat from the day I was born until this beautiful morning when I woke up seeing my wife and son beside me.

I pray for all the human beings and the world we are living in now and in the many years to come. Thank you, LIFE.

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